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Elaiotecnia: A technique that studies the production , extraction and storage of oils.

(From the Greek elaion – oil)


In the process of making extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality , the time from collection to transfer to the mill and grinding is essential , and should be minimized. In TORREVEQUIA we have reduced this time significantly , reaching the basic objective of the olive fruit of our move to the mill and within molture never more than 6 hours. Olives first batches start coming to the mill just two hours after starting the day, where our ” master miller ” , makes an initial visual inspection of the status of the fruit , making sure that the olive is healthy and looking good outside. Subsequently it is processed in the cleaning plant , which separates the olive of possible impurities such as leaves and branches , through a ” cyclone ” that blows , moving to further storage in stainless steel hoppers and immediately processed.


THE extra virgin olive oil TORREVEQUIA is obtained by simple mechanical processes that preserve intact all the physical- chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the olive.

The milling and churning performed cold , with temperatures below 21 ° C , and mixing time reduced , retaining all volatile components causing the aromas and fruity flavors , which thus remain intact in the olive juice that is obtained.

After churning, centrifugation is horizontal, that is the separation of the liquid portion ; alpeorujo and the solid oil ; mass (bone, pulp , …) . This is achieved by different components which have densities of the olive.

As the final stage for the processing oil , it is again cleaned in vertical centrifuge , which as in the horizontal, try to separate the oil from taking advantage of the different densities alpeorujo its composition.

Finally , the master taster discriminate classify the oil deposits to one or the other based on sensory analysis .


Once classified into their corresponding reservoirs , oil is allowed to settle naturally for about 15-20 days , after which it will filter all the oil. The purpose of this task is to prevent impurities decanted and possible humidity could affect the evolution of the oil during the rest of the year.

Immeditely after the expiration of this time are racked and stored in nitrogen-inerted tanks under controlled temperature in the cellar. All tasks performed have as a priority that both chemical and organoleptic qualities remain unchanged throughout the year .

The use of stainless steel throughout the extraction and storage , and comprehensive control agents affecting maintenance, these are the light , heat and oxygen , we can guarantee the quality of our extra virgin olive oils TORREVEQUIA .


For better preservation , in TORREVEQUIA just pack it on request . Meanwhile, the expected oil in stainless steel cellar temperature controlled conditions .

In this way we complete an optimal production process , making the extra virgin olive oil comes from the mill TORREVEQUIA consumer as newly extracted .