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It was the year 1895 and our great, great grandmother Ana Sobrino Cerezo decided to make a will in favour of her three sons. Among the inventory of movable and immovable property referred to the unique rural property he owned in these words:

A lot of time has passed since then, and probably our great great grandmother and their descendants would be satisfied of the work done. However, we can ensure that pride is mutual, and that is simply the result of applying the inherited values that are now cornerstones of our lifestyle. Love and respect for tradition, quality and satisfaction of a job well done.

At the same time, our long career linked to the demanding industrial sector for over thirty years, we have instilled the continuing search for efficiency, continuous innovation, prevention of occupational hazards and environmental respect as essential principles of our activity. In 2012, this combination of elements prompted the birth of Torrevequia Oliva Foods SL. Torrevequia today represents the culmination and combination of all these qualities in one project. From Torrevequia we promote the defense of the values that are the essence of our Mediterranean culture of olive cultivation as a way of life, combining it with the use of the most modern production systems and implementation of new systems of quality control and traceability at the the forefront of technology. In Torrevequia we place our extra virgin olive oil as the central core where all those attributes that distinguish the Mediterranean culture as an icon of healthy and natural life fuse together. How can we forget and I said Hipócrates (ancient Greek physician) over 2,500 years ago:

(Cos Thessaly 460 BC-370 BC.)

“We must ensure that people die young as late as possible”