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Cultural Heritage


  • CasaPalacioTorrevequia
  • ErmitadeNuestraSeñora
  • TorreVillaverde
Villaverde Tower
Ermita of ‘Nuestra Señora’
House-Palace Torrevequia

At Torrevequia we feel olive oil and the Mediterranean diet, the Andalusian culture and heritage as a legacy of our ancestors indivisible. Common heritage and invaluable resource that we must preserve and disseminate.

For us, to contribute to their protection is our key feature and foundation of our efforts, to foster this cultural and material wealth and to value the elements that compose our heritage, emphasizing their close historical relationship with olive oil.

In Torrevequia we have set an important challenge. To offer our consumers and visitors a new perspective in which cultural heritage and olive oil are joined in a single goal: To highlight the essence of the values and healthy lifestyle inherited from our Mediterranean culture.

We hope that you can enjoy as much as us…