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Architecture of the Sun;

The urban center of Bujalance houses an impressive collection of religious architecture from the 16th and 18th centuries. This magnificent heritage, together with the singularity of its leaning tower, “LA PISA DE ANDALUCÍA”, has kept for centuries an enigmatic secret of philosophical, astronomical and mathematical keys. DISCOVER WITH US YOUR SECRETS !. It will not leave you indifferent …

Turismo TRQTurismo TRQ

TяQ OleoExperience;

an exciting Oleoturistic Activities Program, where you can enjoy the world of olive and olive oil. Discover our traditions, the customs of our peoples and our people. Stroll among the olive trees, visit the olive mill or participate in a guided tasting of olive oil are some of the activities that we offer you. Surprise yourself with an authentic, healthy and natural lifestyle…

Turismo TRQTurismo TRQTurismo TRQ